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"The Better Batter Bowl"

This idea is going to revolutionize 
the way you cook!

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Be one of the first
 to hold
 "The Better Batter Bowl"
 in the palm of your hand!!

We have launched the First Ever Mixing Bowl that grips on to you so you don't lose your Grip! 

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The "Better Batter Bowl" Is offered in;
 Teal, Red, Yellow and White. 
 All bowls have a beautiful matching non-slip base-ring!    
To add a touch of color to your kitchen,
 Additional base ring colors are available for $2.00 each!
Call or email to order additional rings!

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Impact and Shatter resistant
  • BPA Free
  • Convenient pour spouts
  • Patent Pending
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$29.95 with Free "Prime" Shipping!

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Get a Grip! Don't Let it slip!!
Who Needs The
"Better Batter Bowl?"
 Anyone who uses a bowl in the kitchen!
                               Even Kids!!
                           Baby Boomers!!
                           Senior citizens!!
                       Those with arthritis!!
         Anyone with carpal tunnel syndrome!!

"Happy New Year"

Gift Baskets Still Available!
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